Consistency is Key

One of my clients made this comment that I’m sure many can relate to:  “I wish I could just eat, rather than strategize.”

Wait! Strategizing isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Doing anything well takes practice, discipline, and a strategy for incorporating it into your lifestyle.

Learning a language, playing an instrument, getting a degree – the better you want to be, the more you want to know, the more skill you want to achieve, the more practice and discipline are required.

It seems odd that we don’t make those same connections about eating, weight loss, and living a healthy lifestyle.  What most people think they want is a better-than-average body, better-than-average health, and a better-than- average look in their clothes.  That takes better-than-average focus. As long as you want to be better-than-average, you must put in that level of effort.  It gets easier and more second nature, but still has to be tended. Music is a great analogy. When you practice more, you play better.

Your road to health and wellness is the same thing – like playing the perfect Bach.  It takes consistent practice and attention.

I’m just sayin’



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