In 1994 I began my journey as a fitness professional.  I was not an athlete in high school or college and exercise was not my favorite thing to do.  In 6th grade I had to stop running and walk to finish the 600-yard dash. Remember the President’s Fitness Challenge?  Pull-ups? Really?  Never got that badge!  From the age of 14 until I became pregnant at age 24, I smoked two packs of cigarettes per day.  By the time I arrived at the top of a flight of stairs, my chest was heaving.

In my thirties I finally got serious about exercise.  At first it was purely vanity. I noticed my body was changing and I wanted to look better. Although appearance is still a motivator,  how I feel –physically, emotionally, and mentally –  keeps me working out and eating (mostly) healthy.

I am an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer and a Wellcoaches Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach. I have countless hours of continuous education and client training sessions. I  keep abreast of the latest facts and fiction, research and hype around wellness. I currently have several personal training and coaching clients that are successfully navigating the complexities of staying fit, healthy, and creating a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.


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