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What Are You Creating?


Every two weeks I host a group of metaphysical, spiritual, leading edge thinkers and creators.   We call it our Dr. Joe (Dispenza) meditation group.  However, before we get to the meditation, we spend time sharing our insights and expanding awareness around whatever leading edge information we are studying at that time.  Liz shared a perspective she recently heard, and I found it so right on!

What if we are not actually “seeing” our reality, but we are a transmitter that is “projecting” our reality?  Instead of the information coming “into” our eyes and we “see” it, it’s coming through our eyes and we are actually projecting it outward.  We think we are looking at the world and taking it “in,” when we really may be projecting it “out.”  That describes the theory behind everything is an illusion or a hologram that we are projecting.

Because past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously, we have what we desire NOW.  Although the linear timeline may reflect it coming in the “future,” the multidimensional nature of time dictates that it’s all happening NOW.  So I am already there, there, there, here, here, here, doing it, having it, being it. Right NOW.  Not later, but right NOW.

That is exciting!  It affirms the belief that we are creating our own reality.  How do we do it? We do it with our feelings and emotions. What do I want or expect to see?  That’s what I project! Be aware that EXPECTATION trumps wanting.  Are you expecting what you want?

What do I want to project and, therefore, “see” in my reality?  Abundance, lots of money, harmonious and loving relationships, supernatural awareness and abilities, personal fulfillment and success, all with ease, fun, inspiration, and joy.

The journey continues . . .